A .Net and Java-Based System Monitoring Tool for the Web

Capstone Research Methods Group #2
For Dr. Kwok-Bun Yue @ UHCL CSCI 6838 Fall 2005
Last Updated 1st Dec 2005

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It is a challenge for software engineers to support applications running at remote sites. Real time performance data such as memory usage, network or disk utilization etc. could be beneficial for detecting any performance bottlenecks or more serious problems during production. System performance data, at the site where application is deployed, may be inaccessible to engineers due to physical distances, firewalls or other security measures. Current tools, which are provided as built-in utility by many modern operating systems or available as commercial and open source software, can only monitor system locally or systems in a local network. Solution to this includes our web-based tool which would monitor and gather real time performance data which reflects current state of remote system.

The application is built for Microsoft server operating system, and works on Java web application server, JBoss. Windows performance data are made available by the operating system through performance counters which together represent the overall behavior of the system. To monitor and collect these performance counter values we have developed a set of .NET library routines. These library routines can also be easily accessed by other .NET solutions requiring performance counter values. A Java web application, built using Java Struts, is interfaced with .NET library routines using Java-COM Bridge mechanism for providing remote access to performance data. The performance information gathered can be used by software engineers or system administrators to monitor applications and for troubleshooting.

Group Members
Romeo T. Chua(Team Leader)
Aaron McDowell
Amber Patel
Syed Umair
Dr. Kwok-Bun Yue (Professor - UHCL)
Dr. Girish Bajaj (Mentor - Tietronix)

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