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The SCE DCM Server is where students host their course files, projects, and assignments for classes which require the use of a web hosting service. Web accounts are provided to students by their professors and are subject to deletion at the end of the semester.

Support for the DCM server is provided at http://sce.uhcl.edu/support/

Upgrades to DCM Server

Over spring break we have moved the DCM Server(dcmweb) to a new server. In order to provide students with the most current technologies we have upgraded all of the software. New software versions are:

Files and Databases

Your files and databases have been moved to the new server.Your ftp addresses and file shares have been moved to the new server and you can access them in exactly the same way as you did before. Your databases have been replicated and now reside on the new DCM Server. Your login credentials are still the same.

Old Server

The old DCM Server will still be online until the end of the semester. It has been renamed dcmweb-old.sce.uhcl.edu. If for some reason you cannot, or do not want to, use the new server for your class this semester, you will be able to access the old server until the end of the semester. There are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Help With Migration

If you are getting error messages in your ASP.NET application, try looking here .NET Guide for Course Hosting. If you need help with your website due to the upgrade, we will be happy to assist you. Please contact us.