CSCI 6838
Capstone Projects
Spring 2012

by K. Yue

1. General

Course schedule, policy, syllabus.

Course pages for previous semesters:Spring 2010, Fall 2010, Spring 2011 and Fall 2011.

How to be successful in capstone projects. Notes on project management.

Project specifications will be posted as soon as I receive them.

2. Team Project information

  1. Team #1: Railway Routing App. Mentor: Mr. Ravi Ganta, MindAgile. specification. Resources:, a Youtube talk on how to build on Cloud Foundry, and Indian railway at Wikipedia (selected and no longer available.)
  2. Team #2: Cloud-Based Oil-Well Data Acquisition and Analysis Platform. Mentor: Mr. Ravi Ganta, MindAgile. specification. (selected and no longer available.)
  3. Team #3: SkillOrchard - A Continuous Skill Tracking Open Access Platform. Mentor: Mr. Ravi Ganta, MindAgile. Specification. (selected and no longer available.)
  4. Team #4: Drupal Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Mentor: Medical Device team, Tietronix. Specification (selected and no longer available.)
  5. Team #5: UML recognition on smartboard. Mentor: Ms. Insia Iftiqhar, Tietronix. Specification.
  6. Team #6: Android Smartcard ID checker. Mentor: Mr. Craig Russell, Tietronix. Specification. (selected and no longer available.)
  7. Team #7: Virtual Safety Deposit Box, Mr. Bruce Brenner, MiniCheck-OCR (selected and no longer available.)
  8. Team #8: Aurasma Virtual Browser, Mr. Bruce Brenner, MiniCheck-OCR. A link to Aurasma.
  9. Team #9: MiniCheck's enhancement, Mr. Bruce Brenner, MiniCheck-OCR.
  10. Team #10: TBD, Mentor: Mr. Dilhar De Silva, At Links Communications. (selected and no longer available.)
  11. Team #11: Microsoft's Imagine Cup (Nsot necessarily availabile for all sections. Check with your instructor.) Mentor: course's instructor.
  12. Team #12: Internal projects mentored by course instructor may be available.