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Participants are not required to bring their own robots. All necessary equipment will be provided for each team, including but not limited to robots and computers.

Participants will complete their programming tasks using the Arduino IDE and a C based programming language. Any participants with experience in C, C++, C#, Java, or any other C based language, should be able communicate effectively with the hardware.

Participants will be required to do very minimal assembly. None of the programming challenges are designed to test a participant’s ability to assemble a robot, so any assembly will be very basic, and instructions will be provided.

Teams may consist of up to 4 individuals. If any individual in the team is disqualified from participating in the beginner category, the team must register and participate in the advanced category.

Participants in both categories will complete the same type of programming challenges, but the challenges will be made more difficult for the advanced category. Although some programming knowledge is critical for both categories, knowledge of robotics is not necessary for participants in the beginner category.

Yes. The assembly time will be factored in as part of the module time limit.

No. The only robots that will be allowed are the ones that are provided.

Computers will be provided to the teams. At this moment each team will be assigned at the minimum 1 computer.

All of the materials required to complete the challenge will be provided.

There will be small breaks between module rotations. Participants will be given ample time to identify, process, and implement a solution for each module.

All teams will be allowed between 40 - 50 minutes to complete each challenge.