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Week #2 : 09/04/2007, 5:30 p.m. – 6:45 p.m., Room D150, Delta Bldg,UHCL


Dr. Yue – Instructor, CSCI6838

Mr. Todd Guillory, Capstone project mentor, Chevron Information Technology Corporation

Ms. Amrutha Mehendale – Team Leader, Capstone Team #1

Mr.  Abhisheik deo, Capstone Team #1

Mr. Sanjeev  Gowda, Capstone Team #1

Mr. Aiyaz Paniwala, Capstone Team #1


1>    Mr. Guillory went through the documents prepared by the team

a.     The SRS document needs to be revised to include visual screenshots, specific inputs required from the user and the details of the export feature

b.     The high level architecture diagram will be reconsidered and its granularity will have to be revised in terms of user interaction and general requirements of the project.

c.     A Project Plan needs to be prepared enlisting the milestones, team member contribution and the expected midterm prototype.

      2>    The team discussed regarding the user  interface

a.     As per Mr. Guillory, the user will not frequently require to change the visual cues and most of these will remain static.

b.     Due to this, building dialog boxes for selecting visual preferences is of less priority

      3>    Out of the possible data sources the team will prioritize the proper use of limited data sources at present. Those will include flat files, Microsoft Excel sheets and Microsoft Access database

      4>    Mr. Guillory suggested that while using flat files the first row can be considered to be the column header. If not , then the column headers will be assigned.

      5>    In flat files and Excel sheets the first column of the first row will be considered to be the recommended primary key

      6>    The possible datatypes and the fields to which they should correspond in a flat file or Excel sheet needs to be considered. Preferably the default datatype would be string.

      7>    Mr. Guillory wants the team to decide a fixed day and time during the week to keep the meetings

a.     The preffered timing for a meeting at the Chevron office downtown would be after 10 a.m. on Monday

b.     The preferred timing for a meeting at  UHCL   would be in the evening at 6:45 pm any day between Tuesday and Friday

c.     Mr. Guillory wants the team to communicate their decision by Friday

      8>    Action Plan :

a.     Revise the a Software Requirements Specification SRS document(All)

b.     Revise the high level architecture diagram(Mr. Gowda, Mr. Deo)

c.     Prepare the project plan(All)

d.     Sample database files will be collected(Mr. Deo, Mr. Paniwala)

e.     Create visual screenshots(Mr. Deo, Ms. Mehendale, Mr. Gowda)

f.        Communicate the decision regarding the meeting time(Ms. Mehendale)

g.     Update the website with the relevant documents(Mr. Paniwala)

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